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Praise for R&D phase of YAATRA in 2017.

“you danced beautifully, taking the audience on a journey from pure form to real life stories” - Rachel Rogers.

“I was completely hypnotised throughout” - Baljinder Kaur.

“it was mesmerising and engaging” - Rosie Kay.

“his adornments were his dancing bells, his dance, his devotion” - Vrata Chigateri.

“it was so powerful to witness you establishing and amplifying your voice as a British Asian LGBT artist and person of faith” - Rachel Rogers.

“I felt invited to venture along a journey to self-discovery and embracing self-identity.” - Tamar Dixon.

“I experienced something I connected to on a personal level” - Dan Auluk.

“Your arts practice is beautiful, it is so inspiring” - Baljinder Kaur.

“reflected a personal narrative with a universal honesty” - Dan Auluk.